Arctostaphylos manzanita subsp. elegans

(Jepson) P. V. Wells

Madroño 19: 201. 1968 ,.

Common names: Konocti manzanita
Basionym: Arctostaphylos elegans Jepson Erythea 1: 15. 1893
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 8. Treatment on page 438. Mentioned on page 437.

Plants killed by fire; burl absent; twigs glabrous or sparsely short-hairy. Leaf blades dull green, not glaucous. Inflorescences: axis 1 mm diam. Ovaries glandular-hairy. Fruits glandular-hairy. Stones often connate into single sphere, sometimes distinct.

Phenology: Flowering winter–early spring.
Habitat: Chaparral, upper foothill woodlands
Elevation: 600-1400 m


Subspecies elegans is found at higher elevations, usually in rocky volcanic soils, in the interior, southern North Coast Range.

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Lower Taxa

V. Thomas Parker +, Michael C. Vasey +  and Jon E. Keeley +
(Jepson) P. V. Wells +
Arctostaphylos elegans +
Konocti manzanita +
600-1400 m +
Chaparral, upper foothill woodlands +
Flowering winter–early spring. +
Undefined tribe Arbuteae +
Arctostaphylos manzanita subsp. elegans +
Arctostaphylos manzanita +
subspecies +