Arctostaphylos tomentosa

(Pursh) Lindley

Edwards’s Bot. Reg. 21: plate 1791. 1835 ,.

Common names: Woollyleaf manzanita
Basionym: Arbutus tomentosa Pursh Fl. Amer. Sept. 1: 282. 1813
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 8. Treatment on page 439. Mentioned on page 406, 409.

Shrubs, erect or mound-forming, 1–3 m; burl present; bark of older stems persistent, gray, shredded; twigs usually short-hairy, sometimes with long hairs and glandular hairs. Leaves bifacial in stomatal distribution; petiole 2–5 mm; blade dark to bright green, dull abaxially, ± shiny adaxially, oblong-ovate to oblong-lanceolate, 2–5 × 1.5–2.5 cm, base truncate to ± lobed, margins entire, sometimes toothed, cupped or ± rolled, (distal portion glabrous, proximal tomentose), surfaces short-hairy or glabrous abaxially, papillate, scabrous, sometimes finely glandular-hairy or ± glabrous adaxially. Inflorescences panicles, 2–8-branched; immature inflorescence pendent, axis 1–2.5 cm, 1+ mm diam., usually short-hairy, sometimes with long hairs and glandular hairs; bracts not appressed, leaflike, lanceolate, 8–15 mm, apex acute, surfaces glabrous, hairy, or finely glandular-hairy. Pedicels 2–5 mm, sparsely hairy, sometimes glandular, or hairy. Flowers: corolla white, conic to urceolate; ovary white-hairy and sometimes sparsely glandular. Fruits depressed-globose, 6–10 mm diam., sparsely hairy or glabrous. Stones distinct.


Subspecies 4 (4 in the flora).

Arctostaphylos tomentosa is found in coastal central California, in areas that receive summer fog. Most subspecies are narrowly distributed.

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1 Twigs densely glandular-hairy Arctostaphylos tomentosa subsp. bracteosa
1 Twigs eglandular > 2
2 Twigs short-hairy and with long, white hairs. Arctostaphylos tomentosa subsp. daciticola
2 Twigs short-hairy > 3
3 Leaf blades tomentose abaxially (at least younger leaves). Arctostaphylos tomentosa subsp. tomentosa
3 Leaf blades glabrous abaxially. Arctostaphylos tomentosa subsp. hebeclada