Aschisma kansanum

A. L. Andrews

Torreya 15: 63. 1915,.

Treatment appears in FNA Volume 27. Treatment on page 519.

Protonema persistent as a thick green adherent felt. Leaves with strongly bordered and serrulate margins, distal laminal cell strongly bulging, papillae centered over lumens, mucro strongly denticulate. Capsule exothecial cells rectangular, 4–5:1, mostly ca. 13–18 µm wide. Spores 18–20 µm, weakly ornamented.

Phenology: Capsules mature Apr.
Habitat: Usually under translucent rocks in exposed situations
Elevation: moderate elevations


Of conservation concern.

Aschisma kansanum is endemic to the United States, being restricted to High Plains grassland (Gary L. Smith 1990) in three counties in west-central Kansas. Its persistent protonema and habitat are distinctive. This tiny, very rare species is threatened by over-collecting and grazing.

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