Bartramiopsis lescurii

(James) Kindberg

Rev. Bryol. 21: 35. 1894,.

Basionym: Atrichum lescurii James Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 6: 33. 1875
Synonyms: Lyellia lescurii (James) E. S. Salmon
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 27. Treatment on page 161.

Plants in loose to rather dense pure tufts, dull olive green, becoming dark reddish brown with age. Stems 3–10 cm, arising from a short, erect tuberous rhizome, slender and thread-like, distantly bracteate and appearing almost leafless proximally, ± abruptly leafy distally. Leaves loosely imbricate, 4–6 mm, linear-lanceolate from a sheathing base, the sheath yellowish and nitid, clasping stem; limb reflexed at the shoulders, subtubulose, twisted and contorted when dry, widely spreading and almost plane when moist; costa slender, percurrent, smooth abaxially, ending in a short spine; margins of sheath entire proximally, not hyaline-margined, at shoulders cilia 1-seriate, 0.4–0.6 mm, cells distinctly papillose; no hinge tissue; margins of limb plane, serrations ending in a conical tooth cell, sometimes with 1–2 short cilia near the shoulders; lamina 2-stratose except for a narrow strip just within the margin and locally 1-stratose streaks and patches, adaxial layer of cells strongly bulging mammillose in indistinct longitudinal rows; lamellae 4–5(–9), restricted to the costa, 4–8(–10) cells high, serrations ending in a small toothed cell; sheath cells linear at margin, the median short-rectangular, 23–28 × 6–9 µm; abaxial laminal cells irregularly arranged, subquadrate, 6–10(–12) µm, walls evenly thickened and firm; abaxial costal cells sharply differentiated, narrowly elongate to linear, 25–33(–55) × 5–6 µm. Sexual condition dioicous; male plants like the female, male inflorescence inconspicuous, several to a shoot, separated by sectors with normal vegetative leaves, perigonial bracts with a broader sheath, but otherwise like the leaves; perichaetial leaves scarcely differentiated. Seta rather stout, 7–12 mm. Capsule yellowish brown, erect, 2.5–4 mm, widest at the mouth; exothecial cells short-rectangular, 40–62 × 26–30 µm, smaller and ± isodiametric below mouth, smooth; stomata superficial, confined to the tapering neck; operculum almost as large as urn, beak about 1 mm; peristome none; columella broadly flaring, extending to capsule rim. Calyptra cucullate.

Habitat: Soil banks or soil over rock, exposed tree roots
Elevation: usually low to moderate elevations


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B.C., Alaska, Wash., e Asia (Japan, Russia in Kamtschatka).


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Gary L. Smith Merrill +
(James) Kindberg +
Atrichum lescurii +
B.C. +, Alaska +, Wash. +, e Asia (Japan +  and Russia in Kamtschatka). +
usually low to moderate elevations +
Soil banks or soil over rock, exposed tree roots +
Rev. Bryol. +
Lyellia lescurii +
Bartramiopsis lescurii +
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