Botrychium boreale

J. Milde

Bot. Zeitung 15(51): 880. 1857.

Common names: Northern moonwort
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 2.

Trophophore stalk sessile or nearly so; blade shiny green, ovate-deltate, 1–2-pinnate, to 6 cm, fleshy. Pinnae to 6 pairs, ascending, mostly overlapping, distance between 1st and 2d pinnae only slightly greater than between 2d and 3d pairs, basal pinna pair usually considerably larger than adjacent pair, obliquely rhomboidal to oblanceolate-spatulate, mostly shallowly lobed to rarely pinnate, margins entire to very narrowly shallowly crenulate, apex pointed, venation pinnate only at bases of proximal pinnae, otherwise ± like ribs of fan. Sporophores 1–2-pinnate, 1–1.5 times length of trophophore.

Phenology: Leaves appearing in July and August.
Habitat: Dry meadows, south-facing slopes
Elevation: 200–600 m


This well-marked northern Eurasian species is best known in Scandinavia, where it occurs most commonly with Botrychium lunaria, with which it occasionally hybridizes.

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