Euphorbia platysperma


in W. H. Brewer et al., Bot. California 2: 482. 1880.

Common names: Dune or flat-seeded spurge flatseed sandmat
Conservation concern
Synonyms: Chamaesyce platysperma (Engelmann) Shinners
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 12. Treatment on page 282. Mentioned on page 257.

Herbs, annual or short-lived perennial, with slender taproot. Stems prostrate, spreading and often mat-forming, 10–100 cm, glabrous. Leaves opposite; stipules usually distinct, occasionally connate basally, rarely to middle, subulate, narrowly triangular, or divided into 2–4 subulate segments, 0.5–1.1 mm, glabrous; petiole 1–3.6 mm, glabrous; blade oblong to obovate, 5–12 × 3–5 mm, base subsymmetric, cuneate to attenuate, margins entire, apex usually acute to mucronulate, rarely obtuse, surfaces glabrous; only midvein conspicuous. Cyathia solitary at distal nodes; peduncle 1.6–4.1 mm. Involucre campanulate to obconic, 1.5–2 × 1.3–2.5 mm, glabrous; glands 4, yellowish, subcircular to oblong, 0.5–0.6 × 0.5–0.6 mm; appendages white, ovate to oblong or almost triangular, 0.3–0.6 × 0.3–0.8 mm, distal margin entire or shallowly 2–3-lobed. Staminate flowers 45–50. Pistillate flowers: ovary glabrous, styles 0.4–0.6 mm, 2-fid 1/2 length. Capsules ovoid to ellipsoid, 2.7–3.2 × 2.2–2.9 mm, glabrous; columella 2.6–2.8 mm. Seeds whitish, pinkish, or light brown, ellipsoid-oblong, weakly dorsiventrally compressed and semielliptic in cross section, 2.2–2.5 × 1.3–1.6 mm, with sharp linelike longitudinal ridge on adaxial side, smooth and rounded on back.

Phenology: Flowering and fruiting year-round in response to sufficient moisture.
Habitat: Sand dunes in Sonoran Desert scrub.
Elevation: 60–200 m.


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Ariz., Calif., Mexico (Baja California, Sonora).


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Victor W. Steinmann +, Jeffery J. Morawetz +, Paul E. Berry +, Jess A. Peirson +  and Ya Yang +
Engelmann +
Anisophyllum +
Dune or flat-seeded spurge +  and flatseed sandmat +
Ariz. +, Calif. +, Mexico (Baja California +  and Sonora). +
60–200 m. +
Sand dunes in Sonoran Desert scrub. +
Flowering and fruiting year-round in response to sufficient moisture. +
in W. H. Brewer et al., Bot. California +
Conservation concern +
Chamaesyce platysperma +
Euphorbia platysperma +
Euphorbia sect. Anisophyllum +
species +