Common names: Maidenhair Tree Family
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 2. Treatment on page 350.

Trees, deciduous, dioecious (possibly rarely monoecious). Bark gray, furrowed, with flattened ridges. Long shoots and short (spur) shoots present. Roots fibrous to woody. Leaves simple, alternate to fascicled, stomates abaxial; apices deeply cleft to truncate; petioles equal to or exceeding blades; resin canals absent. Pollen cones borne on spurs, catkinlike; sporophylls distributed along axis; bracts absent; pollen spheric, not winged. Seed cones absent; ovules 2, pedunculate, subtended by collar believed to comprise 2 modified megasporophylls, borne on spurs. Seeds with fleshy outer coat, inner coat hard; cotyledons 2–3.


Native to China, cultivated in the flora.


Genus 1 (6+ known from fossils), species 1.

Lower Taxa