C. Presl
Common names: Climbing Ferns
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 2. Treatment on page 114.

Plants terrestrial. Stems subterranean, protostelic; indument of dark, dense hairs. Leaves vinelike, of indeterminate growth. Pinnae reduced to short stalks, each bearing a pair of opposite pinnules, usually with an often dormant apical bud. Sporangia in 2 rows, 1 on each side of midvein of contracted, oblong, marginal lobes of ultimate segments, covered by hoodlike flap of tissue serving as indusium. Spores tetrahedral-globose, trilete, rarely monolete. Gametophytes terrestrial, cordate, glabrous.


Tropical regions nearly worldwide and temperate regions of North America and Asia, s Africa, Pacific Islands in New Zealand.


Genus 1, species ca. 40 (3 species in the flora).

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