Primula cusickiana var. domensis

(Kass & S. L. Welsh) N. H. Holmgren & S. Kelso

Brittonia 53: 155. 2001 ,.

Common names: House Range primrose
Basionym: Primula domensis Kass & S. L. Welsh Great Basin Naturalist 45: 548, fig. 1. 1985
Synonyms: Primula cusickiana subsp. domensis (Kass & S. L. Welsh) Halda
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 8. Treatment on page 300. Mentioned on page 299.

Plants glandular-pubescent, at least in inflorescences, white-farinose on involucral bracts and calyces. Leaves shorter than scape; blade broadly lanceolate to spatulate, margins minutely dentate. Corolla tubes 8–14 mm, length 1.5+ times calyx.

Phenology: Flowering summer.
Habitat: Limestone cliffs
Elevation: 2400-2800 m


Of conservation concern.

Variety domensis is intermediate in morphology and geographic distribution between var. maguirei and var. nevadensis. It differs from the former in the longer corolla tube and less broadly spatulate leaf blades and from the latter in its taller scape and slightly longer corolla tube. It has been found in the House Range, about 80 kilometers east of the Snake Range, where Primula nevadensis occurs. Recent studies (S. Kelso et al. unpubl.) do not reveal significant genetic differentiation between var. nevadensis and var. domensis; given their similar morphology and ecology, it may be appropriate to consider them as a single taxon.

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