Bulbostylis schaffneri

(Boeckeler) C. B. Clarke

Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew, addit. ser. 8: 26. 1908.

Basionym: Scirpus schaffneri Boeckeler Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 7: 275. 1886
Synonyms: Scirpus pringlei Britton
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 23. Treatment on page 134. Mentioned on page 132, 133.
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Herbs, annual, cespitose, diminutive. Culms at most to 7 cm. Leaves overtopping scapes; sheaths pale, shorter than blade; blades spreading or curving outward, filiform, 0.5 mm wide, flat to slightly involute, margins thickened, scabrid. Inflorescences: spikelets solitary, either atop short, stiff glabrous scapes or very short-scaped to subsessile and clustered at plant base, pale with greenish scale midribs, ovoid, 5 mm; involucral bracts 2, the proximal strongly bladed, much exceeding spikelet. Spikelets: fertile scales lanceolate, keeled, 3.5 mm, keel excurrent as mucro or cusp. Flowers: stamens 3; anthers narrowly oblong, 0.5 mm. Achenes yellowish or pale gray, ribs prominent, trigonousobovoid, 1 mm, faces evenly, finely transversely rugose.

Phenology: Fruiting all year.
Habitat: Sandy or gravelly clearings in pine or oak-pine
Elevation: 0–3000 m


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