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William J. Crins +  and Jeff H. Rettig +
(L. H. Bailey) Rettig +
Carex varia var. australis +
Ala. +, Ark. +, Fla. +, Ga. +, La. +, Miss. +, N.C. +, S.C. +, Tex. +, Va. +  and s to c Mexico. +
10–200 m +
Dry to mesic, level areas of sandy loam, occasionally on sandy loam-clay mixtures, in partial shade of hardwood or mixed-pine forests +
Fruiting late Mar–mid May. +
Illustrated +
Carex emmonsii var. australis +  and Carex physorhyncha +
Carex albicans var. australis +
Carex albicans +
variety +