A. Nelson

Bot. Gaz. 47: 432. 1909.

Etymology: Generic name Encelia and Greek -opsis, resembling
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 21. Treatment on page 112. Mentioned on page 65, 66, 119, 120.

Perennials 15–100+ cm (caudices or taproots woody). Stems erect, branched from bases. Leaves basal; alternate; petiolate or sessile; blades 3-nerved, elliptic, ovate, rhombic, or suborbiculate, bases ± cuneate to nearly truncate, margins entire (sometimes corrugate or ruffled), faces densely puberulent or silky-velutinous. Heads radiate, borne singly (peduncles much longer than involucres). Involucres ± hemispheric or broader, 10–30+ mm diam. Phyllaries persistent, 30–65+ in 3–6 series. Receptacles convex, paleate (paleae ± conduplicate, folded around and falling with cypselae). Ray florets (11–)20–35+, neuter; corollas yellow. Disc florets (50–)200–500+, bisexual, fertile; corollas yellow, tubes shorter than to equaling abruptly expanded throats, lobes 5, triangular. Cypselae strongly compressed or flattened, ± cuneate (margins ± white, corky, usually ciliate, faces black, glabrous or ± silky-villous); pappi 0, or persistent, of 2 awns (often with 2–10+, often connate, minute scales or teeth as well). x = 18.


w North America.


Species 3 (3 in the flora).


1 Herbage dull gray; petioles not or barely winged; leaf blades ovate to suborbiculate Enceliopsis nudicaulis
1 Herbage silvery; petioles winged (wings merging with blades); leaf blades rhombic or widely elliptic > 2
2 Ray corolla laminae deep yellow, 12–30 mm (lengths 1–1.2 times disc diams.) Enceliopsis argophylla
2 Ray corolla laminae light yellow, 30–50 mm (lengths 1.5–2 times disc diams.) Enceliopsis covillei
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w North America. +
Generic name Encelia and Greek -opsis, resembling +
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