Helianthella californica subsp. shastensis

(W. A. Weber) W. A. Weber

Phytologia 85: 20. 1999.

Basionym: Helianthella californica var. shastensis W. A. Weber Amer. Midl. Naturalist 48: 30. 1952
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 21. Treatment on page 117. Mentioned on page 116.
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Stems not branched. Cauline leaves mostly alternate; blades usually linear to lance-linear, sometimes lance-ovate, 3–6 mm(–18+) wide. Heads borne singly. Cypselae winged; pappi of 2 ± subulate scales plus 0–4 shorter scales.

Phenology: Flowering May–Jun.
Habitat: Pine forests, scrublands
Elevation: 1300–2500 m


Subspecies shastensis grows in Shasta, Siskiyou, and Trinity counties.

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William A. Weber +
(W. A. Weber) W. A. Weber +
Helianthella californica var. shastensis +
1300–2500 m +
Pine forests, scrublands +
Flowering May–Jun. +
Undefined (tribe Undefined) subtribe Enceliinae +, Undefined (tribe Undefined) subtribe Engelmanniinae +, Undefined (tribe Undefined) subtribe Spilanthinae +, Undefined (tribe Undefined) subtribe Verbesininae +  and Undefined (tribe Undefined) subtribe Zinniinae +
Helianthella californica subsp. shastensis +
Helianthella californica +
subspecies +