Lysimachia tonsa

(Alph. Wood) Alph. Wood ex R. Knuth

in H. G. A. Engler, Pflanzenr. 22[IV,237]: 277. 1905 ,.

Common names: Appalachian or southern loosestrife
Basionym: Lysimachia ciliata var. tonsa Alph. Wood Class-book Bot. ed. s.n.(b), 505. 1861
Synonyms: Lysimachia tonsa var. simplex (Kearney) R. Knuth Steironema intermedium (Alph. Wood) E. P. Bicknell Steironema tonsum
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 8. Treatment on page 318. Mentioned on page 308, 309.
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Stems erect, simple or branched distally, 3–7 dm, stipitate-glandular or pubescent; rhizomes slender to thickened (sometimes absent); bulblets absent. Leaves opposite; petiole 0.5–4.5 cm, ciliate proximally near node, cilia 0.2–0.7(–1.2) mm; blade lanceolate to ovate, 3–9 × (0.8–)1–4.5 cm, base truncate, rounded, or cuneate, decurrent, margins entire or slightly sinuate, plane, sometimes obscurely ciliolate (rarely stipitate-glandular), apex acute to acuminate, surfaces not punctate, glabrous; venation pinnate-arcuate. Inflorescences axillary in distal leaves, solitary flowers or verticils. Pedicels 0.8–4 cm, stipitate-glandular at least distally. Flowers: sepals 5, calyx not streaked, 2.5–7.5 mm, glandular proximally or glabrous, lobes ovate to lanceolate, margins somewhat thickened; petals 5, corolla yellow, often with reddish base, not streaked, rotate, 6–12 mm, lobes with margins usually entire or sometimes erose distally, apex apiculate, stipitate-glandular adaxially; filaments distinct or nearly so, shorter than corolla; staminodes 0.6–1 mm. Capsules 3.5–5.8 mm, not punctate, glabrous. 2n = 34, 102.

Phenology: Flowering late summer.
Habitat: Moist hardwood forests, pine-oak woods, sandstone bluffs, rocky areas
Elevation: 0-600 m


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Ala., Ark., Ga., Ky., N.C., S.C., Tenn., Tex., Va., W.Va.


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Anita F. Cholewa +
(Alph. Wood) Alph. Wood ex R. Knuth +
Lysimachia ciliata var. tonsa +
Appalachian or southern loosestrife +
Ala. +, Ark. +, Ga. +, Ky. +, N.C. +, S.C. +, Tenn. +, Tex. +, Va. +  and W.Va. +
0-600 m +
Moist hardwood forests, pine-oak woods, sandstone bluffs, rocky areas +
Flowering late summer. +
in H. G. A. Engler, Pflanzenr. +
Lysimachia tonsa var. simplex +, Steironema intermedium +  and Steironema tonsum +
Lysimachia tonsa +
Lysimachia +
species +