(A. Gray) Rydberg

Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 33: 154. 1906.

Etymology: Greek platys, broad, and genus Schkuhria
Basionym: Schkuhria sect. Platyschkuhria A. Gray Amer. Naturalist 8: 213. 1874
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 21. Treatment on page 394. Mentioned on page 364, 366, 383.

Perennials, 10–50+ cm (bases ± woody, branched caudices). Stems ± erect. Leaves basal and cauline; mostly alternate; petiolate; blades mostly lanceolate, sometimes ± ovate, margins en- tire, faces sparsely to densely scabrellous (hairs white, straight, conic or fusiform, 0.1–0.8 mm) and gland-dotted. Heads radiate, borne singly or (3–11) in loose, corymbiform to paniculiform arrays. Involucres campanulate to ± hemispheric, 12–25+ mm diam. Phyllaries 9–21 in ± 2 series, distinct, subequal, oblong or elliptic to lanceolate, herbaceous, membranous-margined (not purplish-margined), persistent, reflexed in fruit. Receptacles ± convex, ± pitted, epaleate. Ray florets 6–12, pistillate, fertile; corollas yellow. Disc florets 25–80+, bisexual, fertile; corollas yellow to orange (gland-dotted), tubes about equaling funnelform to campanulate throats, lobes 5, deltate to lance-deltate. Cypselae narrowly obpyramidal, 4-angled, finely nerved, ± hirsutulous (at least on angles), not gland-dotted; pappi of 8–16, (distinct) lance-elliptic to lance-subulate (basally and/or medially thickened, distally and/or laterally scarious) scales in 1 series (weakly, if at all, aristate). x = 12.


w United States.


Species 1.

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Schkuhria sect. Platyschkuhria +
w United States. +
Greek platys, broad, and genus Schkuhria +
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