Verbatim text: Briggs, B.G., A.D. Marchant, S. Gilmore and C.L. Porter. 2000. A molecular phylogeny of Restionaceae and allies. Pp. 661-671 in K.L. Wilson and D.A. Morrison (eds.). Monocots: Systematics and Evolution. CSIRO Publishing, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia. 738 pp.
Author: Briggs, B.G., Marchant, A.D., Gilmore, S., Porter, C.L.
Year: 2000
Title: A molecular phylogeny of Restionaceae and allies
Editor: Wilson, K.L.Morrison, D.A.
Book title: Monocots: Systematics and Evolution
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Pages: 661-671

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Briggs, B.G. +, Marchant, A.D. +, Gilmore, S. +  and Porter, C.L. +