Common names: Maidenhair Tree Family
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 2. Treatment on page 350.
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Trees, deciduous, dioecious (possibly rarely monoecious). Bark gray, furrowed, with flattened ridges. Long shoots and short (spur) shoots present. Roots fibrous to woody. Leaves simple, alternate to fascicled, stomates abaxial; apices deeply cleft to truncate; petioles equal to or exceeding blades; resin canals absent. Pollen cones borne on spurs, catkinlike; sporophylls distributed along axis; bracts absent; pollen spheric, not winged. Seed cones absent; ovules 2, pedunculate, subtended by collar believed to comprise 2 modified megasporophylls, borne on spurs. Seeds with fleshy outer coat, inner coat hard; cotyledons 2–3.


Native to China, cultivated in the flora.


Genus 1 (6+ known from fossils), species 1.

Lower Taxa